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Complete quarantine declaration form

Due to the changing situation, you can complete the statement up to 7 days in advance.
Does your journey to the Netherlands involve a stopover in another country?

I meet/do not meet the conditions for an exemption:

The mandatory quarantine requirement does not apply to all travellers. Certain people are exempt, including those who have been in a very high-risk area for less than 12 hours, children aged 12 and younger and cross-border commuters. List of exemptions

The quarantine declaration form works as follows

  • If you travel to the Netherlands from or by way of a very high-risk area, you must complete a quarantine declaration form before entering the country.

  • Once you have completed the form you will receive digital confirmation of this. Save this confirmation.

  • Have it somewhere accessible during your journey so you can show it when asked.

  • Once you arrive in the Netherlands, you must self-quarantine immediately, unless you meet the conditions for exemption.

  • The quarantine declaration is required for all means of transport.

  • Want to know more? or call 0800-1351.

Only together we can control corona

The Quarantine declaration website has been developed by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

Everything has been done to ensure your privacy is protected and to make the tool as accessible, secure and user‑friendly as possible to help keep coronavirus under control.

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